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About me

Marijn Fidder (b. 1997, The Netherlands) is a Dutch documentary photographer who focuses on current affairs and contemporary social issues. Her work has appeared in National Geographic Netherlands, CNN Style, NRC Handelsblad, Het Financieele Dagblad, Evangelische Omroep, GUP New Talent and Die Zeit, among others. She also makes commissioned work for NGOs and health care organizations. She works for Caritas International, Global Aid Network, EO Metterdaad, Dorcas, Red een Kind and others.

Awards and grants

2019 1st place award Hollandse Fotoprijs

2019 1st place award Zilveren Camera 'Documentary Photography' 
2019 3th place award Zilveren Camera 'Documentary Photography' 

2020 1st place award Wellcome Photography Prize 'Social Perspectives' 

2021 3th place award Zilveren Camera 'International News'

2021 Honorable Mention Documentary Family Awards 'Photo series'

2021 6th place award Documentary Family Awards 'Environmental Portrait'

2021 1st place award National Geographic Fotowedstrijd 'Human'

2021 Honorable Mention International Photography Awards 'Contemporary Issues - singles'

2021 Honorable Mention International Photography Awards 'Contemporary Issues -  photo series'

​2022 Honorable Mention International Photography Awards 'Contemporary Issues - singles'

2022 1st place award Moscow International Foto Awards 'self portrait'

2022 Grant Bijzondere Journalistieke Projecten - Photoseries Inclusive Nation

2023 Grant Bijzondere Journalistieke Projecten - Photoseries Left Behind

2023 Grant Free Press Unlimited - Photoseries Inclusive Nation


If you see a picture you like and want a print, feel Free to contact me for further information.

Tel: +31 6 40 78 99 60

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