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No More Moria

2020 - 2023

In September 2020 Moria was devastated by fire. The blaze tore through the Moria facility on the island of Lesbos. Police blocked the migrants heading to the port town of Mytilene, leaving them stuck on the road. Afraid of what will happen next, the refugees demonstrate: "No More Moria."

2,5 years after the fire in ‘the shame of Europe’ there is almost nothing left of Moria refugeecamp. Life in Mavovrouni camp (Moria 2.0) changed for the better. Security is 24/7 on site, woman have their own bathroom, toilets are being cleaned every 2-3 hours, the camp is not full of trash, there is WiFi, a school and a playground for children.

But although living conditions have changed for the better and children play with their friends at camp and go to school, the traumas and insecurity, fear and stress about the asylum process do not change. Security is a human right that we all want for our children.

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